Tea Infuser & Scoop - Satin Stainless Steel

Tea Infuser & Scoop - Satin Stainless Steel
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For optimal infusion to take place, tea must come into contact with a maximum surface area of water. The biggest drawback with most tea infusers is that they are designed to be small balls or amusing shapes and they do not allow the tea to infuse correctly. This infuser sits comfortably against the side of your mug and can be swirled through the water to gently infuse the flavour.

The infuser is a combined scoop and infuser. Simply take a scoop of your loose-leaf tea and place the infuser in your mug and pour in the water at the correct temperature depending whether you are using black, oolong or green tea. The infuser can then be removed from your cup when the tea reaches the desired strength.

Height 160mm
Construction Satin Stainless Steel
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