Faber-Castell Make-Your-Own Kaleidoscope

Faber-Castell Make-Your-Own Kaleidoscope
Brand: Faber-Castell
MPN: 1726200, 1726, CFK1726
ISBN: 1585307971
EAN: 0092633172605
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The Faber-Castell Make-Your-Own Kaleidoscope kit provides everything you need to make a kaleidoscope and view your own mesmerising optical patterns and effects.

The kaleidoscope kit provides you with a basic cardboard kaleidoscope and some mirrors that you fit inside it. A piece of decorative paper, that you colour in, fits around the outside of the kaleidoscope, and some beads and stickers provide the finishing touches. A range of sequins, ribbons, fabric flowers, acrylic mosaic pieces, and printed vellum circles can be placed in a clear plastic cup that then generates the pattern you see when you look through the kaleidoscope.

Suitable for ages 5-95. Not for children under 3 years.

Length 230mm
Diameter 45mm
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