Metal Foil Valve Bags - 250g Pouches (Pack of 10)

Metal Foil Valve Bags - 250g Pouches (Pack of 10)
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These laminated metal foil pouches are specifically designed for roasted coffee beans and are ideal for the home roaster. After roasting, coffee beans exude carbon dioxide gas and the integral valve in these bags allows the carbon dioxide to escape from the packaging but prevents oxygen entering. This results in the coffee beans being enveloped in a carbon dioxide atmosphere which helps to protect them from deterioration and prolong their freshness.

Each pouch has a self-seal zipper that allows the bag to be repeatedly opened and sealed again afterwards. Above this is a strip that can optionally be used for heat sealing. Between the zipper and this strip is a laser-cut micro perforation with a notch at either end that makes it easy to tear off the top strip whilst leaving a clean edge to the top of the bag and giving access to the zipper.

The pouch is gusseted at the bottom so that it will stand up by itself. Each bag will comfortably hold 250g of roasted coffee beans.

Height 240mm (195mm to zipper)
Width 180mm (flat)
Capacity 250g (roasted coffee beans)
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