Illy ESE Decaf Coffee Pods (18 individually wrapped coffee pods)

Illy ESE Decaf Coffee Pods (18 individually wrapped coffee pods)
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With ESE pods it's easy to enjoy the pleasure of a perfect espresso, even if you are not an experienced barista the E.S.E. System (Easy Serving Espresso) provides a quick, clean, and easy-to-use way to prepare a quality cup of coffee and to enjoy a moment of relaxation accompanied by the aroma and flavor that make Illy an unique experience.

It all started in 1933 when the enterprising Francesco Illy founded Illycaffè in his family's home in Trieste, Italy. He devised a new packaging system for preserving coffee in which the cans were filled with inert gases - most other systems try to remove the air but some is always left. Thanks to this new packaging system, Illy coffee soon spread outside the immediate Trieste area and eventually reached all over the world.

Every day 5 million cups of this single exclusive blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans are enjoyed around the world!

Each pod is individually foil wrapped to maintain freshness and the outer box serves as a dispenser for each serving.

Weight 7g
Pod System ESE
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