Another Coffee Colombian Relationship Coffee (2kg)

Another Coffee Colombian Relationship Coffee (2kg)
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Colombian Relationship coffee is a new concept in ethically traded coffee pioneered by the Virmax company. It aims to guarantee the quality of the product from this region which has in some instances been questionable. Colombian coffee farmers historically have had little incentive to ensure that the quality of their crops has been high, usually being paid by weight rather than quality of the cherries which results in contamination with stones, unripe cherries and other debris.

This new co-operative buys directly from many small family farms in a limited geographical area of Colombia, and pays the farmers according to quality - which has tripled the amount received by the farmer. This new incentive scheme has resulted in better lives for the thousands of small coffee growers in this impoverished region.

The rich volcanic slopes of this mountainous region are very fertile and produce great coffee which is full bodied and balanced with medium acidity.

Arabica 100%
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