Another Coffee Colombian Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee (250g)

Another Coffee Colombian Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee (250g)
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These decaffeinated beans are from the area in Colombia around Armenia which is in the same mountain range as Medellin but slightly further south. They are medium roasted to give a coffee with a light nutty body and medium acidity.

They have been decaffeinated using the "Swiss Water Process" - no chemical solvents are used. During this process green beans are immersed in hot water and the resulting green coffee extract is passed through activated charcoal filters which draws out approximately 97% of the caffeine. The remaining flavour rich solution is then added back to the green coffee beans where it is re-absorbed. The coffee beans are then fully dried and roasted. One characteristic of this type of decaffeination process is that the roasted beans have a darker appearance than is usual, but the coffee retains its flavour and quality.

As it is a decaffeinated coffee it is ideal for unlimited all day drinking!

All our roasted coffees are professionally roasted using a commercial Probat drum roaster and are packed in foil valve bags to preserve their freshness.

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