Urnex Cafiza 2 Coffee Making Equipment Cleaning Powder (900g)

Urnex Cafiza 2 Coffee Making Equipment Cleaning Powder (900g)
Brand: Urnex
MPN: 12-C2900
EAN: 0754631530329
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This leading brand cleaning powder is used to remove the coffee residues which build up on your coffee making equipment and spoil the taste of your coffee. You usually put some in the blind filter when backflushing an espresso machine that has a commercial-type group head (one with a pressure release mechanism). This concentrated powder is formulated to dissolve quickly and for easy rinsing. 1/4oz (7g) is sufficient for cleaning 2 group heads.

You can also dissolve this product in warm water and use the solution manually to clean the group head, the filter holder, and the filter baskets. We recommend you wear gloves for this.

Urnex Cafiza 2 is designed for use with espresso machines, airpots, filter coffee makers and thermal jugs. Do not run it through the water system of your espresso machine or filter coffee maker, it is purely for cleaning the removeable parts.

This product is NSF certified for metal compatibility and safety.

Weight 900g (31.7oz)
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