Push Fit Water Filter Cartridge

Push Fit Water Filter Cartridge
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This push fit water filter cartridge is designed to be used with various makes of espresso machines such as the range of Isomac machines. The water filter cartridge sits in the water reservoir and is fitted simply by pushing it firmly onto the end of the flexible water intake tube.

Using this filter will reduce the level of limescale in the water thereby helping to ensure trouble-free operation and to prolong the life of your machine - the savings you will make in servicing costs means it makes economic sense to use these cartridges. It also reduces the levels of heavy metals, chlorine, and organic impurities resulting in better tasting coffee.

The cartridge contains a whitish coloured ion exchange resin that is more effective than the commonly used gold-coloured resin. The cartridge should be replaced every 6 to 8 weeks.

Height 105mm (including barbed connector)
Diameter 43mm (large end)
Weight Approximately 50g
Construction Plastic body
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