Puly Baby Espresso Machine Cleaner & Descaler (Pack of 10 Sachets)

Puly Baby Espresso Machine Cleaner & Descaler (Pack of 10 Sachets)
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Limescale and coffee residues build up in your coffee machine and are among the most common causes of bitter tasting coffee, slower brewing times, lower water temperatures, and eventually of machine failure.

Puly Baby is ideal for domestic coffee makers and espresso machines. It removes both limescale and coffee residues leaving your machine clean and odour free. It is easy to use - just dissolve in water, pour into the water reservoir of your machine, and then run through the machine to clean the boiler, water pipes, and valves (detailed instructions are provided on the box and every sachet).

Puly Baby is formulated for cleaning teapots, plastic coffee bins, all glassware, stainless steel, porcelain, and glazed ceramics. It has been formulated to be safe for use with aluminium for short periods, but extended exposure on aluminium is not recommended.

It is supplied as a powder in individual sachets. Each box contains 10 sachets - one sachet is all you need to descale and clean your machine. For best results it should be used regularly. Handle with care and keep out of reach of children.

Weight 30g (per sachet)
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