Urnex Scoopz Angled Espresso Brush

Urnex Scoopz Angled Espresso Brush
Brand: Urnex
EAN: 1075463160270
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The Urnex Scoopz epsresso brush makes it easy to clean your machine and keeps your hands safe from burns from hot water.

The handle is longer than most group head brushes and this provides a good grip while keeping your hand well away from the hot water you run through the group head. Any water that tries to run back up the handle drips off when it reaches the stop guard well before reaching your hand.

A small measuring scoop is built into the end of the handle, and one heaped scoop of cleaning powder will provide approximately 3 grams, exactly the right amount of cleaning powder to clean one group head - no more hunting around for a teaspoon to get the right dose!

Length 210mm
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