Espresso Coffee: Professional Techniques - UPDATED EDITION

by David C Schomer
Espresso Coffee: Professional Techniques - UPDATED EDITION
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The best just got better! David Schomer has updated his renowned book on making espresso. The original edition, first published in 1996, presented a wealth of useful and detailed information that had not been widely available to the home user or the inexperienced professional. This updated edition takes into account feedback that David Schomer has received on the earlier edition, expands on some areas, and introduces some new topics covering recent developments such as PID controllers.

This book has been described as the "The Barista's Bible" and in our opinion this is a well earned eulogy. This is by far the most comprehensive guide we have seen to achieving that perfect espresso shot. The author has spent many years in the coffee industry and has applied his gathered knowledge and expertise to writing this book - David C Schomer is an espresso roasting and preparation specialist and owner of Seattle's Espresso Vivace.

Although this book is aimed primarily at the professional barista, it is equally relevant to any coffee enthusiast. The author deals with equipment selection and maintenance, the theory of espresso, and techniques for the barista. There is also an excellent section on frothing milk and latte art (the art of making shapes and patterns on your drink using frothed milk and the crema on your espresso).

The chapters in this updated edition of Espresso Coffee Professional Techniques are:

  • Introduction
  • Espresso Theory
  • Environmental Factors
  • The Espresso Grinder
  • The Espresso Machine
  • Pump Pressure
  • Brewing Water Temperature
  • Machine Cleanliness
  • Water Purity & Mineral Content
  • Coffee Freshness
  • Choosing an Espresso Roast & Blend
  • Espresso Packing
  • Espresso Dosing
  • Elapsed Time For A Shot
  • Espresso Shot Volume
  • Adjusting The Grind
  • Cleaning Techniques
  • Milk Texturing & Presentation
  • Staff Training
  • The Future Of Caffe Espresso
  • To Prepare Vivace Espresso
  • Glossary
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