TavolaSwiss CAPstore Fila - For Nespresso Capsules

TavolaSwiss CAPstore Fila - For Nespresso Capsules
Brand: Tavola Swiss
MPN: 1433
EAN: 7610744024564
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The Tavola Swiss CAPstore Fila is designed to hold 60 Nespresso capsules. The chrome plated rack has six slots, each of which holds 10 Nespresso capsules (exactly 1 box), so you can have six different flavours available for selection.

The CAPstore Fila is filled by dropping your chosen flavours of capsules into the top of each slot. The lowest capsule rests on a small support at the bottom of the slot and the remaining capsules stack on top of each other in the slot. When you select a capsule from the bottom of the dispenser the remaining capsules drop down.

The top and bottom horizontal of the Tavola Swiss CAPstore Fila are fitted with adhesive backed Velcro hook-and-loop strips. This makes it easy to fit the dispenser onto any flat surface - just remove the protective backing paper from the Velcro strips, position the rack, and press against the surface to stick it in place. A popular place for fitting the rack is on the inside of a cupboard door, but you must be careful to ensure that there is adequate space between the inside of the door and the shelves otherwise you may crush the capsules or even risk damage to the door! The pack also includes labels for some of the different flavours of capsules so that you can label each slot.

Height 385mm
Width 280mm
Depth 40mm
Weight 550g
Capacity 60 capsules
Capsule System Nespresso
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