Multi Scale Measuring Spoon For Solids & Liquids

Multi Scale Measuring Spoon For Solids & Liquids
Brand: Nuscup
MPN: NS-220S
EAN: 5019311918763
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This innovative measuring spoon is so much more than an average measure. It will measure both solids and liquids and is marked in ml, oz, tbsp & cups.

The body of the spoon is smoked plastic and the top is durable brushed stainless steel. The base of the spoon is magnetic so that you can keep it attached to a suitable surface for easy access. Only one hand is required for adjustment, and it is simple to assemble and clean - fully dishwasher safe!

Great for use as a coffee measure.

Length 180mm
Construction Smoked plastic with matt stainless steel cover
Capacity 140ml
Dishwasher Safe
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