Coffee Topping Stencils (Set of 4)

Coffee Topping Stencils (Set of 4)
Brand: Another Coffee
MPN: 230114
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These coffee stencils are great for creating a fun pattern on your cappuccinos and lattes. Simply hold over the surface of your frothed milk and sprinkle some chocolate or cinnamon powder over the top to produce a great looking professional topping to your drinks.

The set includes four stencils each with a different design: A group of five coffee beans, the word COFFEE, a heart, and a smiley face.

These would make a great gift.

Don't just limit the use of these to coffee, they are also great for dusting icing sugar onto cakes and buns!

Diameter 100mm
Weight approx. 55-60g each
Construction Stainless steel with satin finish
Dishwasher Safe
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