Shot Glass 2oz Lined At 1oz

Shot Glass 2oz Lined At 1oz
Brand: Another Coffee
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This heavy-weight shot glass is marked at 1 fluid ounce (1 fl.oz.) with two etched horizontal lines. When you make your espresso you need to adjust your grinder so that you obtain 1 fl.oz. of espresso (per cup) in approximately 25 seconds; make the grind more coarse if it takes too long to fill up to the line, or make it finer if it takes less than this time to reach the line. Professional baristas use this type of shot glass to calibrate their grinders, and some prefer to make every espresso shot into a shot glass so they can monitor their espresso and grinder settings throughout the day.

It is also ideal for measuring quantities, or the right number of parts, of each ingredient for all those mouth-watering in recipes based on espresso.

Height 74mm
Diameter 55mm (top)
Weight 195g
Construction Glass
Capacity 2oz / 59ml
Dishwasher Safe
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