E61 Bottomless Portafilter Handle With Double Basket

E61 Bottomless Portafilter Handle With Double Basket
Brand: Another Coffee
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What is a Bottomless Portafilter? It was originally designed as a barista training tool to allow the barista to immediately see the extraction of the espresso shot.

Some baristas prefer to use a Bottomless Portafilter as their weapon of choice because there is also less metal for the espresso shot to come into contact with and it reaches the cup sooner.

We have looked at many handles and this is a high quality version with proper chrome plating. (Some looked as though they had been made in a shed on a lathe!) This Bottomless Portafilter fits Isomac, ECM, Expobar and Rancilio E61 Grouphead machines and comes complete with a high quality double shot ridged 14g basket.

Filter Handle For 2 Cups
Internal Filter Diameter 58mm
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