Specialized Milk Frothing Thermometer - Fahrenheit

Specialized Milk Frothing Thermometer - Fahrenheit
Brand: Taylor
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This easy-to-read professional milk frothing thermometer is manufactured by Taylor Precision Products, a company that has focused exclusively on precision measurement for over 150 years. It has been specifically designed for measuring the temperature of your milk while you are steaming it for making your cappuccino or latte. A zone marked in purple on the dial indicates the optimum temperature for frothed milk so you can avoid scalding the milk and no longer have to guess! It comes with a stainless steel clip so that you can easily mount it on the side of your milk frothing jug and it has a sealed dial to prevent fogging.

The scale is marked in degrees fahrenheit ranging from 120 to 180 degrees with a tick mark every two degrees. This focus on the temperature range relevant to frothing milk keeps the scale uncluttered and makes the temperature easier to read.

Length 120mm (stem)
Diameter 38mm (dial)
Construction Stainless steel stem and clip with plastic dial
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