Zassenhaus Havanna Manual Coffee Grinder - Polished Brass

Zassenhaus Havanna Manual Coffee Grinder - Polished Brass
Brand: Zassenhaus
MPN: ZA041002, ZH175M
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Zassenhaus manufacture these top quality manual coffee grinders at their own factory in Germany. They use only high quality materials for the coffee grinders and grinding mechanisms and since its inception in 1867 the Zassenhaus brand has become a guarantee of this superior quality. We believe that they are the best hand coffee grinders on the market.

The original Zassenhaus grinding mechanism is world-renowned and unique. The "heart" of the grinder, the aroma-protecting steel grinding mechanism, smoothly grinds the coffee beans into aromatic coffee grounds. There is no heat build-up during the grinding process which ensures that the flavour and aroma of the coffee beans are optimally preserved. The steel is case hardened and drawn for an extra-long life span. The precision machined grinding cone is positioned exactly at the centre of the extremely precise grinding ring by way of cam followers. This guarantees a wonderfully constant grinding result. This technology not only enables extremely fine grinding, but also an even result at all grinder settings.

This model is specifically designed for Turkish coffee which uses a very find grind, even finer than that used for espresso. The ground coffee is collected in the base of the grinder which is removable enabling you to get at every last particle of ground coffee, thus helping to ensure that no coffee is left in the grinder to go stale.

Height 210mm (incl. handle)
Diameter 50mm (body)
Weight 490g
Construction Polished brass
Burr Type Conical
Grinder Adjustment Positions Continuous
Warranty 1 year on grinder; 10 years on milling mechanism
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