Mazzer Mini Electronic Grinder Type A - Black

Mazzer Mini Electronic Grinder Type A - Black
Brand: Mazzer
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The Mazzer Mini Electronic Type A is an excellent professional grinder widely praised by coffee enthusiasts worldwide. It is a commercial grinder, aimed primarily at the user who does not need or desire to have ground coffee going stale in a doser. The beans are ground and dispensed on demand which ensures the freshest possible coffee.

The Mini E has a conical stainless steel chute on the front of the grinder body instead of the doser that is on the Mazzer Mini Timer. This is easy to clean and there is very little build-up of static in the chute - static can attract and hold coffee grounds which quickly go stale. The ground coffee is dispensed directly into your portafilter handle from the chute.

The new updated Mazzer Mini Electronic Type A has a digital display and is controlled by three buttons conveniently located on the cover that fits over the chute. The digital controls make it simple to adjust the amount of coffee you want to dispense when you press one of the buttons. The previous version of this model required a manual adjustment to do this but now it is done at the press of a button!

There is a button to dispense a single dose of ground coffee, one to dispense a double dose, and a third button that simply grinds coffee while the button is pressed. If you set the automatic dose on the conservative side you can then use the third button (that grinds while pressed) to manually add a little if needed so that no coffee is wasted.

As with the other grinders in the Mazzer Mini range the Mazzer Mini Electronic features a patented stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment mechanism so that you can precisely calibrate the grind that you want, and it produces very consistent results. The Mazzer Mini Electronic has larger diameter burrs than the Mini Timer (64mm instead of 58mm) and these grind the coffee beans quickly minimizing the amount of heat the ground coffee is subjected to. It is easy to clean, the hopper lifts off and you can also remove the top burr set for deeper cleaning.

The Mazzer Mini Electronic Type A is a very sturdy machine with a solid cast metal body, metal grounds collection tray and is designed for heavy duty use. The power cable comes out of the back of the machine making it easy to locate on a counter top. A perfect machine for cafes, restaurants or for the serious home barista!

We are pleased to exclusively offer the Mazzer grinder with a choice of three hopper sizes; 600g as standard, or short 320g or commercial 1200g. Please just select which size you would like!

Height Base without hopper 301mm, overall 472mm (600g hopper)
Width 165mm (allowing for switch)
Depth 335mm (including grounds tray)
Weight 9.2kg
Voltage 220-240V
Power 250W
Construction Cast metal with black finish
Hopper Material Plastic
Burr Type Flat
Burr Diameter 64mm
Burr/Blade Speed 1400rpm
Grinder Adjustment Positions Stepless
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