Swissgold KF2 Permanent Coffee Filter - Size 2

Swissgold KF2 Permanent Coffee Filter - Size 2
Brand: Swissgold
EAN: 4017502010051
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The Swissgold filter system was developed as an alternative to the paper filter to get the best tasting coffee. Due to its absorbent properties paper removes all fats from the liquid being filtered, so although a paper filter retains all the coffee grounds it also retains all the brewing colloids (flavour carriers in the coffee). The 23 carat solid gold plating is inert so prevents any tainting of the taste of the coffee. This Swissgold KF2 filter is Biphenyl free.

This filter is designed to replace the traditional 1x2 filter papers in filter machines and filter cones. It fits inside our 1x2 filter cone and is easily removed by the handle that locks down into the rim of the filter.

Diameter 103mm
Dishwasher Safe
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