Filter Cone For Making Filter Coffee 1x6

Filter Cone For Making Filter Coffee 1x6
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Making coffee could hardly be simpler than this. Simply place the filter cone on top of an appropriate jug, drop in a filter paper, add the desired quantity of ground coffee, and pour in some water that is just off the boil. The water will slowly seep through the ground coffee and delicious coffee will trickle directly into the jug.

We recommend that you warm the jug first to ensure piping hot coffee. Also use water that is just less than boiling temperature – just wait a couple of minutes after boiling the kettle before pouring the water onto the coffee.

This cone takes a standard 1x6 filter paper and is ideal for making three or four mugs of coffee or six smaller cups of coffee. Markings on the side give approximate indications of the amount of water needed to make 3, 4, 5 or 6 "standard" cups of coffee.

The base of the filter cone is 115mm in diameter and should sit comfortably on the rim of an appropriate jug. On the underside of this flat base, in the centre, is a collar 50mm in diameter and 10mm deep that should be positioned within the rim of the jug and prevents coffee dribbling across the underside of the base.

Height 136mm
Diameter 160mm (excluding handle)
Weight 125g
Construction Black plastic
Filter Paper Size 1x6
Dishwasher Safe
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