Aerobie Aeropress Manual Espresso Maker

Aerobie Aeropress Manual Espresso Maker
Brand: Aerobie
MPN: A80
EAN: 0852760008006
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The Aerobie Aero Press is ideal for making great coffee without mess or fuss. Simply put ground coffee into the larger tube on top of a filter disc. Then add just off boil water and stir for between 10-50 seconds (depending on grind and preferred strength). Then depress the smaller tube forcing the water through the coffee and filter into your cup.

The coffee that the Aeropress produces is a cross between espresso coffee and French press coffee, it does not tend to have a crema that you would normally find with espresso coffee. You can add more water to make an Americano or frothed milk for a latte.

The box contains one Aero Press, measure, stirring paddle, filter paper holder and a packet of filter papers.

Height 200mm
Diameter 45mm (base)
Construction BPA Free Plastic
Capacity 1-3 cup
Filter Paper Size 62mm Disc
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