Stellar SM51 Stove-Top Coffee Maker 4 Cup - Satin

Stellar SM51 Stove-Top Coffee Maker 4 Cup - Satin
Brand: Stellar
EAN: 5010763069768
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Appealing to the practical and design-conscious coffee drinker, this range of stylish and contemporary moka pots feature a simple straight sided aspect and an equally minimalist handle shape. This is a superb quality stainless steel stove top espresso maker with a brushed finish.

Since it has a magnetic base it is also suitable for induction hobs. Induction hobs heat by using a magnetic field so when the pot is placed on the hob, the magnetic field interacts with the material of the pot to heat up the pot directly.

Making good coffee could not be easier! Simply fill the base with water to just below the valve, then insert the funnel filled with ground coffee. Screw the two halves together and place the pot over a heat source. When the water boils it will percolate through the ground coffee and bubble up into the top chamber. As soon as this completes remove from the heat and serve.

Each pot is supplied in a gift box with an instruction leaflet and a spare gasket.

Height 210mm
Diameter 75mm
Weight 765g
Construction Stainless Steel - Brushed Finish
Capacity 4 cup; 340ml approx
Dishwasher Safe
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