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Cookies are simply very small text files that are passed to your browser by a website and stored by the browser. When you request a page from a website your browser will pass back any cookies that were created by that website. There are primarily two types of cookies, session (or temporary) cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are generally not stored on the computer's hard disk (they are stored in the memory being used by the browser) and they are deleted as soon as you close your browser. Persistent cookies on the other hand are stored as a file on your hard disk and remain on your computer until the expiry date set by the website.

We use as few cookies as possible, just 2 session cookies. Both are necessary to enable you to use our website properly. Both these temporary cookies 'expire' (are no longer valid) a pre-set number of minutes after your most recent interaction with our website, and they are permanently deleted when you close your browser. The cookies are described in detail below.

Cookie NameExpiresDescription
ASP.NET_SessionIdSessionThis temporary cookie is used to create your 'session' on our website, enabling us to tie your shopping basket and checkout information to your browser. It contains a short, randomly generated identifier that we use to identify your session on our website. For example, when you add an item to your shopping basket the session identifier allows us to place it in the shopping basket created specifically for you.
AnotherCoffee_AuthSessionThis temporary cookie is created when you sign in on our website. It holds an encrypted value that represents an 'authentication ticket'. This is decrypted on our website to provide us with an unique identifier that is used to locate your account and shows that you signed in successfully.

We DO NOT use cookies:

  • To track your browsing habits.
  • For marketing purposes.
  • To automatically recognise you when you return to our site after closing your browser.
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